Personalized Marketing

In today’s digital climate we are faced with extreme privacy issues where companies take full advantage of tracking your every move. In Marketing we are faced in a limbo between a good customer experience, not a poor one.

Many companies have achieved this like Amazon. Amazon has recommendations for you rather than targeting products that you talked about with your friends. As a daily user of many applications and weird marketing tactics it is important to differentiate between hiding your tracking and being upfront with it. I highly recommend watching the Ted talk below which explains the difference between the do’s and don’ts in the tracking world.


This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community.


Building a brand color scheme

There is not one way to build a brand. We have completed a set of steps that will allow for you to help solve some of the pain points on selecting the colour scheme for your brand.

The first step is to define the personality of your brand. This will consist in the set of values and core strengths of your business.

The second step is identifying your target audience. Once clarified which demographic and specific client you want to communicate with you will have another set of values that will complete your brand identity.

The third step is to select your colour base. This colour defines your core values and should appeal to your target audience.

The fourth step should match your brand personality and compliment your base colour.

The fifth step will be the need for a neutral colour that should avoid competing with the accent and base colour.

As an example we have the colour combination of Visa to illustrate how the colours perform together.

If you need any assistance with your brand please contact us!

Courtesy of bannersnack


Elon Musk said by the end of 2020 the first fully self-driving car will be ready

Elon Musk said that Tesla will have fully self driving cars. He said below why he is so confident that this will take place.

“So this is why I’m very confident about full self-driving functionality being complete by the end of this year. It’s because I’m literally driving it.”

This was said during in investor meeting that was held today regarding the firms auto pilot software meeting.

“It’s almost getting to a point where I can go from my house to work with no interventions, despite going through construction and widely varying situations,”

This will be a revolutionary transition into daily commute and like all other disruptions in the industry this should create a huge dent in the auto industry and transportation industry. 

It will be interesting to see what comes from this and how different out world will be regarding job loss and industries being wiped out. 

I am all for progress, and like all things in life have their time. If you have any thought’s or concerns please share below!