Building a brand color scheme

There is not one way to build a brand. We have completed a set of steps that will allow for you to help solve some of the pain points on selecting the colour scheme for your brand.

The first step is to define the personality of your brand. This will consist in the set of values and core strengths of your business.

The second step is identifying your target audience. Once clarified which demographic and specific client you want to communicate with you will have another set of values that will complete your brand identity.

The third step is to select your colour base. This colour defines your core values and should appeal to your target audience.

The fourth step should match your brand personality and compliment your base colour.

The fifth step will be the need for a neutral colour that should avoid competing with the accent and base colour.

As an example we have the colour combination of Visa to illustrate how the colours perform together.

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Courtesy of bannersnack